Snow Removal

There are several entities who take on snow removal responsibilities on a regular basis from the City and County of Denver down to individual property owners. The system works when everyone does their part. Snow should be addressed within 24 hours of the completion of the snow event. 

Major Roadways and Arterials

Major roadways and arterials are the responsibility of Denver’s department of Public Works. Snow removal on these designated roadways begins prior to every snow event and continues throughout its completion. Roads are placed in different priority levels and are addressed as equipment becomes available. 

Neighborhood Streets

Neighborhood streets are not addressed on a regular basis by the city unless a “major snow event” of one foot or more occurs. The city’s policy for major snow events can be found below.

Neighborhood Sidewalks

Neighborhood sidewalks are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner or sub- association. When the sidewalk is located adjacent to a community park or parkway the MCA will remove snow. When the sidewalk is located adjacent to a regional park (East West Greenway, Westerly Creek) Denver Parks and Recreation will be responsible for snow removal.

Neighborhood Alley Surfaces

Neighborhood alley surfaces are to be routinely maintained by the adjacent property owner or sub-association. Residents and sub-associations are not permitted to shovel or plow snow in such a manner that it impacts the access of the alley by any vehicle. Snow should always be shoveled, plowed and stored onto the landscaping areas located within each alley easement. Residents or sub-associations found to have caused access issues due to improper snow storage can be issued a violation notice and corresponding fine for the cost to cure if the MCA is required to remedy the situation. Please respect all residents need to access their property via the rear alleys by never shoveling snow onto any alley surface.

During Major Snow Events

During snow events, as now defined by Denver City & County, the MCA will initiate its snow removal plan for the alleys based upon actual accumulation along with the city’s plan for neighborhood streets.

During minor snow events (6+ inches with cold temps forecasted for 48-72 hours. Typically this aligns with the City of Denvers announcement of additional plans dispatched onto neighborhood streets)  . The MCA will make a pass through each alley to clean up the center drive lane the night following the storm. Although it is not the intent to impact anyones access in and out of their garages, residents should be prepared to remove any “wind-rows” that can be created during these plowing operations.

During major snow event (12+”) - the snow removal plan will include the continuous use of heavy and light equipment, light equipment to remove snow from alley drive lanes, intersections and major pedestrian paths. Alley work will be limited to the removal of enough snow from the alleys so residents can drive through. The drive lanes will not be scraped down to pavement, to eliminate the need to truck snow off site. This allows us to expedite the process ensuring that we can get to everyone’s alley within the shortest period possible. These alley procedures do not negate individual property owners from participating in the snow removal during these types of storms.

Vehicles should never be parked overnight in any alley during snow events.

Residents due to age, disability or health who require additional assistance accessing their property because of excess snow should contact the MCA office at 303-388-0724 for additional assistance.

Denver’s residential and MCA’s Alley plow program was initially developed as an emergency response program following the blizzards of 2006-07. The plows have been deployed about a dozen times since then to help residents get out of their homes, neighborhoods and onto the main streets after major storms. Under the new criteria, the city along with the MCA expects to deploy the residential plows in a timelier fashion and stay ahead of the deeper snow accumulations that come with moderate to severe snow events.

Although we are unable to address the complete removal of snow on the roads and through alleys, it is our goal during a major snow event to remove enough material to allow for some level of travel in and out of the alleys. Paths and parks will be completed to open up some level of pedestrian travel.

We will continue to address all the pocket parks and pathways to ensure that they are as snow free as possible to promote pedestrian access throughout the community.