Snow Removal

There are several entities who take on snow removal responsibilities after a storm. The system works when everyone does their part. Snow should be addressed within 24 hours of the completion of the snow event under normal circumstances.  Major blizzards can extend the time it takes to address snow community wide for all involved. 

Major Roadways

Major roadways are maintained by the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure. Snow removal on these designated roadways begins prior to every snow event and continues throughout its completion. Roads are placed in different priority levels and are addressed as equipment becomes available. 

Neighborhood Streets

Neighborhood streets are maintained by the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure or the Aurora Department of Public Works. These streets are not plowed unless a “major snow event” is declared.


Neighborhood sidewalks are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner or sub- association. When the sidewalk is located adjacent to a community park or parkway the parks manager will plow remove the snow. The MCA will remove snow on sidewalks adjacent to MCA parks the Denver Department of Parks and Recreation removes snow on sidewalks in Denver Parks.


Alley surfaces are to be routinely maintained by the adjacent property owner or sub-association. Residents and sub-associations are not permitted to shovel or plow snow in such a manner that it impacts the access of the alley by any vehicle. Snow should always be shoveled, plowed and stored onto the landscaping areas located within each alley. Residents or sub-associations found to have caused access issues due to improper snow storage can found in violation and fined the cost to cure if the MCA is required to remedy the situation. The MCA will plow alley "center lane" only during a “major snow event" and "Blizzards".

Major Snow Events

During storms that the City and County of Denver define as major storm events the MCA operates the following snow removal plan:

Major Snow Even Defined: 8-10 inches of snow fall in a single storm with cold temperatures forecasted for 48-72 hours.

Removal Protocol: During a major snow event neighborhood streets are plowed by the City and County of Denver. The MCA plows alleys. We will make a single pass through each alley to clean the center drive lane the night following the storm. Alley work will be limited to the removal of enough snow to create a single lane that will allow for vehicular traffic. Alleys will not be scraped down to pavement.

These procedures do not negate individual property owner’s responsibility to remove snow from their sidewalks and driveways. Vehicles parked in any alley during snow events will be towed to allow for snow removal.

Although we are unable to address the complete removal of snow on the roads and through alleys, it is our goal during a major snow event to remove enough snow to allow for some level of travel in and out of the alleys. We will continue to address all MCA parks and pathways to ensure that they are as snow free as possible to promote pedestrian access throughout the community.

Major Blizzards

During "Major Blizzard Events" (generally classified historical storm events) The MCA will provide a realistic timeline based on the size, scope, intensity and duration of the storm and the anticipated disruption to city streets and community services.