Welcome to the Central Park community! We believe that you will enjoy the unique quality of life here in the community. This site is intended to provide you with essential information regarding the Master Community Association (MCA).
The MCA is a 501(c) 4 nonprofit municipal organization whose mission is to operate Central Parks Special Districts through comprehensive parks and recreation management, ongoing recreational and cultural programming, and ensure for the long-term operation and sustainability of all of the community's public facilities and assets. The MCA is responsible for the operation all property funded and owned by the Park Creek Metropolitan District, which includes public pools, town centers, parks, pedestrian paths, trails and parkways. 

The MCA is funded through a combination of property assessments, special district taxes and earned income through the operation of public facilities.
The MCA is organized into Eleven (11) delegate districts. A copy of the delegate district map can be found on our website by clicking on "Maps". Members of each district elect a delegate annually to act as the primary advisory committee to the MCA Executive Board of Directors.
The Executive Board is the governing body which transacts the business of the MCA. All MCA governance documents as well as our budgets, financials, and meeting information are posted online and can be downloaded from this site located in the bottom footer under MCA Information.

 The MCA welcomes all forms of comments and suggestions from the residents on how we may better serve the community. 

Keven A. Burnett
MCA Executive Director