The MCA manages a variety of parks in the community. Parks and facility reservations are required for private events and exclusive use. Reservations can be requested here

The MCA does not manage Central Park, Greenway or Fred Thomas Park. Please visit or call 3-1-1 for more information about these parks.

Each park has different amenities; some include hardscapes and pergolas, while others have barbecues and play structures. Parks do not have restroom facilities, water and electrical access.

Multi Use Fields

The MCA manages five sport fields in the neighborhood.  The sport fields are located at Aviator East/West, Puddle Jumper West, F-15, Jet Stream, Runway 35 and F54.  These fields are ideal for neighborhood sporting events, such as lacrosse and soccer games/practice.

The sport fields will be maintained with painted perimeter lines.  Reservations are required for coaching sessions, selling of goods/services, organized team play and exclusive use of the park.  Please remove all equipment and personal items from the park after the reservation; unclaimed items will be donated.

Sport fields have access to Porta Potti facilities.

Pocket Parks

The MCA manages over 20 pocket parks within the community.  The pocket parks are smaller than the sport fields, but still offer a great space for small groups.  Pocket parks are ideal for family get-togethers, block parties, birthday parties or other occasions.  Pocket parks do not have access to water, electricity or restroom facilities.  

Picnic Areas

Picnic areas are located within the larger parks (Aviator, Puddle Jumper, F-15, Jet Stream, Runway 35, F54 & Aurora Parks). Picnic areas are ideal for family functions, small parties or any other occasions.
Picnic areas are equipped with 2 picnic tables and 1 grill - all picnic areas have access to restroom facilities. Reservations/Permits are required for exclusive use.

Founders' Green

Founders' Green is located between Roslyn and Syracuse on 29th Avenue.  

Conservatory Green

Conservatory Green is located at 49th place between Valencia Ct and Valencia St.  This area is available for larger corporate and community event rentals.