Property Transfers and Real Estate Sales

Property Transfer Fees

The following is an overview of the fees that are associated with the transfer of all real property within the boundaries of the community. All fees are described in detail within the Community Declaration as recorded with the City and County of Denver. It is advised to consult a qualified Real Estate Attorney whenever purchasing commercial or residential property within a Planned Unit Development.

Community Fee*

The title company collects a Community Fee at each closing, whether initial or resale, based upon the total purchase price less $100,000 multiplied by a quarter of 1%. For example, a home selling for $300,000 would be assessed a Master Community Fee of $500 ($300,000 - $100,000 x .0025). The Community Fee is collected by the title company for the Master Community Association and distributed to Community Investment, Fund, Inc., a nonprofit organization. The Community Investment Fund, Inc. utilizes this Fee to promote and increase the availability of quality neighborhood schools and lifelong education programs, create open space and parks, promote sustainable development, increase the availability of job training programs and to support affordable housing. Through the Community Fee, the neighborhood truly becomes a caring community of neighbors helping neighbors. (Please refer to Section 6.12 of the Community Declaration for more detailed information.)

Working Capital Fee*

A $200 Working Capital Fee is collected from the buyer to provide initial capitalization for the Master Community Association. Upon resale, the Working Capital Fee may be credited back to the seller and charged to the new buyer. This is negotiable item between buyer and seller when property is being conveyed for the second and subsequent times. (Please refer to Section 6.4 of the Community Declaration for more detailed information.)

Administrative Transfer Fee*

The Transfer Fee is currently $200. The Transfer Fee is charged by the  assessment management company (MSI Inc.) and collected from the buyer at each closing, whether initial or resale, to cover the cost of transfer of Title, interactions with lender and title company, and the establishment of accounts for the change in Title.

* All fees are ultimately the responsibility of the purchaser of real property