Swim Lessons

Information, schedules, and registration updates for the 2022 season will be released February 1, 2022.

The MCA offers a variety of swim lessons to accommodate all ages and abilities of swimmers. All aquatic programs are open to the public. 

Community residents may register via their online Active Net account, in person at the MCA office or by filling out the registration form.  Click here for the online step by step guide to registering.

Nonresidents must complete the Registration Form and send all completed forms to the MCA via fax (303-388-1673), email or in person.  

Please note: Due to a change in policy we will no longer be able to process registrations over the phone.  We can assist residents with log in info and account management but registrations must take place online or in person at the MCA office during business hours. 

**There will be a $6 admin processing fee for any refunds**
*The MCA reserves the right to cancel or transfer classes due to low enrollment (3 or fewer enrolled)

Swim Lesson Descriptions:

Ages: 6 months - 3 years

Parent-Tot – 6-24 months
One parent per child
Water Adjustment- This fun program introduces parents and babies to the water. Skills include water adjustment, leg action, exploring buoyancy on front and back, floating with support and rolling over.
Parent-Tot II – 24 - 36 months
One parent per child
Fundamentals- This fun program introduces parents and children to the basic fundamentals of using games and songs. Skills learned include blowing bubbles, change of direction, floating on front and back (with support) leg and arm action, jumping in and rolling over.

Ages: 3 - 5 years 

3-5 years
Participants will be introduced to basic skills including - blowing bubbles, bobs, water adjustment, kicking, floating and turning over on their back. Class incorporates games, activities and water safety skills. 
Preschool 2
3-5 years
For swimmers that are comfortable with their faces and ears in the water. Class includes stroke development, breath coordination, safety, swimming on front/back and deep-water exploration. 
Preschool 3
3-5 years
For students that are swimming independently without support. Skills taught include rhythmic breathing, front/back crawl, elementary backstroke, sit/kneel dives and changing directions. (Similar skill-set to Station 2.)

Ages: 6+ years

Child/Youth Station 1
6 -yrs & Older
Fundamental Aquatic Skills -Class is for students new to the water.  Level 1 introduces swimmers to fundamental skills such as water entry, exit, and opening eyes underwater, floating, gliding and water safety.   
Child/Youth Station 2
6 -yrs & Older 
Stroke Development - class is for students who can move through the water unassisted.  Skills learned include bobbing rhythmic breathing, front/back crawl, sit/kneel dives, and changing directions
Child / Youth Station 3
6 -yrs & Older
Stroke Improvement is for students ready for deeper waters. Level 3 further builds previous skills learned in addition to swimming underwater, breaststroke, elementary backstroke, side-stroke, butterfly, open turns, compact and stride jumps, surface dives, and water safety.
Child / Youth Station 4
6 -yrs & Older
Stroke Refinement / Fitness Swim designed for students who can swim 25 yard/meter Front, Back & elementary backstroke. Skills learned will include butterfly, breaststroke, sidestroke, flip turns, treading water, shallow dives, including survival floating & water safety. 

Ages: 8+ years

Introduction to Diving

8-yrs & Older
Springboard diving is for swimmers who are comfortable in the deep end (12ft) and skilled in a shallow-angle head first entry, swim parallel to the surface, steer back to the surface and then begin stroking.
Introduction to Synchronized Swimming
8 -yrs & Older
This class is best suited for swimmers ages 6 and up who have completed a minimum of station 3 swimming skills and are comfortable treading in deep water. During each 50-minute class, swimmers will learn basic skills such as eggbeater kick and sculling from our fun and experienced coach.  
Introduction to Water Polo
8 -yrs & Older
This introduction course is designed to teach basic water polo skills including eggbeater kick, passing, ball-handling, and game basics. Participants should have strong swimming skills (Station 3) and be comfortable in deeper water. During this 50-minute class, participants will be instructed by experienced water polo coaches and players who love the game and hope to introduce a new generation to the sport.

Private Swim Lessons 

Private instruction with highly-motivated, friendly instructors.  Ideal for adults and children.  Each session is 30 minutes in length and can be schedule at your desired facility (if space is available).  Private lesson forms will be available beginning June 1 at the outdoor facilities.  Please schedule all private lesson with your selected instructor at your desired facility - pool management will be on - hand to assist you.