Krista Brown

I am a Denver Native and remember flying out of the old airport as a child. I have been a long-time resident of Central Park, moving to East Bridge with my husband and inherited blessing (step-daughter) in 2007.  After having 2 additional kiddos, we moved to our second home in Bluff Lake in 2013.  I have served as a block captain in both neighborhoods and our children have all attended schools in and around the community.  I care deeply about the Central Park neighborhood and making it an inclusive and welcoming place for everyone to live.  


Heather Vasquez

I think it is important to know what is happening in the community and to be a voice who is open to people from all walks of life.


Candi Loeb

I am interested in serving my community as an MCA Community Delegate and contributing to the ongoing development and support of our community. I also want to leverage my change management and consulting expertise to provide guidance and support to the Executive Board.


Elisabeth Cohen

I enjoy living in the Central Park community! My background in public policy skills could help the MCA recognize and consider the entire community and make it stronger. I have a daughter in DPS, am a room parent and am active in the PTA, which connects me to others.


Andrew Bartlett

I have been a resident of the Central Park community since 2006 in two different areas of the neighborhood (Central Park West & Eastbridge). I have served as District 5 (Eastbridge) delegate for a number of years and served previously as a board member for one of the neighborhood sub-associations. I enjoy serving my community. I wish to continue serving the members of my district and our community. As a husband and father of 2 kiddos, I recognize the leadership that the MCA provides in the Central Park community and that our residents look to for guidance and policy on the issues that impact their daily lives. To me, serving on the MCA is a privilege; to help keep our community to be the best that is can be…a great place to live for everyone and values diversity and inclusion.


Rebekah Henderson

Rebekah is an active and engaged community member. She is a filmmaker and podcaster and takes a great interest in happenings all around Denver.  She has enjoyed serving as a delegate for district 6- Central Park West and Central Park North, since 2021. She looks forward to serving you as your representative in 2023. 


Sarah Stabio

I have lived in Stapleton's Conservatory Green neighborhood since August 2014, after moving from southwest Denver. Not long after, I opened The Bar Method Denver-Northfield in The Shops at Northfield. I have developed a robust fitness-


Susanna Kantor

I’ve done a fair amount of advocating for the Wicker Park neighborhood and think I’d be an asset to the MCA community. I’d also like to spend more time giving back in 2023 and potentially beyond. I’ve lived in Wicker Park almost from the very beginning – I think we were the first 50. Our little pocket has some great characteristics and people, and it would be a privilege to represent it.


Joseph Landen

My wife and two children plan to live in the community for many years. I have a desire to be involved with others in guiding the future maintenance and operations of the community. With two small children active in school and sports, I am rooted and routinely engaged with a cross-section of other residents. I believe my background in financing development is beneficial as this community transitions from largely developer control to true community control.

Lyle Nasser

I am a financial consultant and have called Denver home for the last 26 years. I am the 5th generation of my family to reside in Denver, with deep roots and ties to Denver and Colorado. I am only the 2nd generation of my father’s family to call America home, with my grandfather being a Cuban immigrant. My partner and I have lived in Beeler Park since June 2018, and like everyone else, navigating living in this brand-new neighborhood and finishing up landscaping and house projects. Even with a new home, there are so many projects to complete. This is a vibrant new neighborhood with so much to offer all of us. Previous to living in Beeler Park, we lived in Park Hill, Capital Hill, Congress Park and Mayfair.

If elected, I would be an addition of an LGBT representative to the MCA, adding to the diversity of the current MCA Delegate board. The delegate board needs diverse voices and representatives from different backgrounds who also offers new ideas for programming to go side by side with representation on the board.

I was a one-time candidate for Denver City Council in 2003. Having been involved in civil activities, from political campaigns to other knighthood associations in the past, I have a grasp of the details to be an effective representative for Beeler Park and the MCA.

For the Mayfair Neighborhood Association, I was responsible for the creation of the website and the quarterly newsletter.

In Capital Hill, I was involved with the Wyman Historic District association, participating in fundraisers for charity by participating in the Winter Homes Tour. These tours raised funds to help those in need in the Capital Hill area.

With solid experience, I can be tapped for growth in many areas. One area of development is cultural programming. Working in the non-profit world for over a decade, coupled with my previous career at Home Depot, I have experience managing educational programming. One aspect of cultural programming, which hasn’t been addressed in the neighborhood, is DIY Workshops. Classes organized and taught by neighs expert in a number of areas can focus on such topics as landscaping, tree care, and basic home repairs. These types of workshops would enhance the lives of citizens in the neighborhood at large.

For more information, visit my page at www.fb.com/Lyle4BeelerPark.

Lyndsey Soto

First and foremost, I am passionate about our community. I want it to be the best it can be for the families that live here and for that reason, I am happy to volunteer my time to assist in whatever way I can. I am also a Board Member of our community HOA, and my most important value and priority is being a voice for those in our community. I truly believe in advocacy and making decisions that are in the best interest of those that will be affected by those decisions. I am flexible, organized, honest, and have the time and energy required to serve well as a community delegate. Prior to transitioning to a full-time maker, I worked in HR for three years and have five years of management experience.


Josh Dembicki

First and foremost, I am interested in serving as a Community Delegate to represent the voice of my fellow North End residents. I love this neighborhood and this community, and I want to serve it with my skills and experience. My children attend Inspire Elementary, we take advantage of the neighborhood amenities (pools, parks, trails, events), and I think this is a great place to live. In 2019 my family and I built our first home in North End, and we absolutely fell in love. We just built and moved to our second home here, electing to stay in the same neighborhood. In my professional life, I have built a very successful home services business over the last five years, serving communities all over the Front Range. My business experience, as well as prior nonprofit experience, lend me many skills and experiences that would be a great service to this community in this role.

Katie Glesne

I think the North End neighborhood is incredibly unique and has amazing potential to e something we all dream about when we think of a close-knit community. I would like to get to know my neighbors and create authentic and meaningful relationships while representing our district in a way where all voices are heard, and people feel taken care of. I am also interested because I want to become involved in my community and gain experience with community development and outreach.