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Drive In Concert

August 16, 2020 at 6:00PM - 8:00PM

The MCA is very excited to bring drive-in concerts to the community in partnership with the Fetch Market and Stanley Marketplace. Please join us on Sunday, August 16th from 6-8pm featuring That 80s Band.

Please read below for important information:

*The concert set up will be in the overflow parking on the southeast corner adjacent to the Stanley Marketplace.

*Limited space available! First come, first serve.

*Car are welcome to arrive as early as 4pm. Please visit the vendors of the Fetch Market, grab food and be back to your vehicle by 6pm to enjoy the concert.

*Alcohol is prohibited in the overflow parking lot. If you would like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage during the concert, please set up inside the marketplace, or outdoors on the west side where the concert will be broadcasted.

*Everyone must stay in their vehicles or adjacent to them during the concert to avoid gatherings. Gathering in front of the stage is prohibited.

*Attendees must follow social/physical distancing guidelines.

*No more than 10 people can congregate.

· Attendees must wear coverings (e.g., cloth mask or bandana) over their mouths and noses if you must leave the car for any reason.

· Those having symptoms of COVID-19-- as well as people who have had close contact with a person who has symptoms like dry cough, chest tightness, and/or fever-- refrain from participating and stay at home.

*Please leave no trace and take your trash home with you.

Thank you for protecting yourself and your neighbor. We hope you enjoy the concert!

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