Community Kindness Month

At the beginning of the year, we asked the community what their 2021 goals were.
Many stated that they wanted to work on their compassion & empathy and make a positive impact on their community. 
We have created a kindness action for every day in the month of May to help you achieve your goals!
Participate in our first ever Community Kindness Month by downloading our complete kindness calendar or scroll down to view the Kindness list. 
By doing good for others, we can make a positive impact on our community!

May 1st: Tell someone you’re grateful for them

May 2nd: Give someone a compliment

May 3rd: Bake treats for a classroom, coworkers or local fire department

May 4th: Support a local artist

May 5th: Write “get well” cards and deliver to local hospitals. Click here to send a cheer card to Children's Hospital Colorado.

May 6th: Leave a kind note for a stranger

May 7th: Thank a teacher

May 8th: Assemble hygiene/care kits for the homeless. Click here & here for some recommendations on what and where to donate. 

May 9th: Donate old blankets and towels to an animal shelter. Click here & here for some recommendation on where to donate. 

May 10th: Buy the person behind you coffee

May 11th: Thank a frontline worker

May 12th: Support/donate to your favorite organization

May 13th: Donate old books. You can donate to the little libraries found throughout the community or to our local library

May 14th: Leave a basket of food for a family who is struggling financially, or make a donation to Feeding America.

May 15th: MCA Community Clean up! Click here for more information. 

May 16th: Cheer on the 2021 graduates. Click here for more information. 

May 17th: Leave a kind, positive comment on social media.

May 18th: Spend time in nature and try walking or biking instead of driving.

May 19th: Plant a tree in memory or in honor of someone

May 20th: Send cards, notes or flowers to a nursing home resident

May 21st: Support a local business

May 22nd: Participate in the Community Garage Sale. Click here for more information.

May 23rd: Donate gently used clothes and or shoes.

May 24th: Lift up the community by sharing chalk art with kind messages

May 25th: Go a full day without complaining.

May 26th: Paint rocks and leave them throughout the community

May 27th: Collect baby clothes and supplies and donate to new parents who need them.

May 28th: Call an old friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while.

May 29th: Let someone go ahead of you in the checkout line

May 30th: Give someone flowers or a plant.

May 31st: Self-care: Do something for you and write yourself a love letter.